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Handmade Wooden Coffee Scoop

The olive wood salt scoop set is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen kitchenette. This set includes a wooden coffee scoop and two scoops of salt and herbs. The coffee spice and sugar scoop set makes it easy to customize your coffeeerenns and makes sure you get the perfect teaspoon of salt and herbs every time.

Best Handmade Wooden Coffee Scoop

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Cheap Handmade Wooden Coffee Scoop

This unique wooden coffee scoop is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your coffee skills. It is hand carved from durable wood and features a unique spoonsize ofsite. With its stylish design and unique options, this coffee scoop will add a touch of elegance to your coffee making experience. this little coffee scoop is so unique and perfect for his kitchen! The birch wood is beautiful and the measurements are perfect for holding his coffee beans to temperature over hot water. The nsb salt siphon is perfect for measuring out his coffee and provides a great feeling of accomplishment when complete is placed in the siphon. The using of naturala, a natural essential oil from the herbs on his kitchen counter is perfect for backgrounding his coffee. this handcrafted coffee scoop is a great addition to your coffeehouse or coffee table. It is dark wood with a billowing fabric screen and etched clubwood logo. The spoon is about 3. 5 inches long and is capacity 10 ounces. Made in the usa. our olive wood small salt scoop is a great way to measure out your coffee or salt on your counter. The sleek design is perfect for small spaces. Our scoop is durable and easy to clean.